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Nytt fra Biregs - juni 2013:

Chronic pain:

Chronic means continually present. Chronic pain always has underlying causes. Pain always is an accumulation of energy. This energy cannot flow and will express itself through pain signals. Mainly by nagging pain or constant pain. These pains influence body and mind in a very negative way. It is a constant stress situation for the body and for the mind. Doctors give painkillers or prednisone to try and remedy the pain. These medications cause even more discomfort to the patient.

In these cases, we see that most patients suffer from a low PH value (acidity). And often, we find that their food intake is in greatly opposing their complaints. To get the optimum result from treatment with the BEAT Light Rent, one should combine this with adjusting food intake (avoid all dairy products, cheese, pork meat and products containing high histamine levels). Also avoid E620 to E625 and aspartame.

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